Saturday, 13 July 2019

All About Plants: Plant ID Workshop

How often have you wandered through woodland and wondered what the foliage is? I know when I started out going for walks I was always curious. I had a base knowledge of a few trees, (the simple ones like birch or horse chestnut- because of the conkers. ) but past that, I knew nothing.

Fast forward to now, a couple years since I did my woodland activity leader training, and learned about plants and my passion for plants and trees was sparked. Being able to go for a walk and be able to know and understand what is around me provides me more of a connection to different places. 

The build-up to the workshop was a lot of long nights of preparation. Reading, writing notes, being sure that everything I was teaching was backed up in at least two books. I even made my own plant ID resource to hand out to everyone attending. I put a fair few hours into making sure everything was perfect. The time spent doing this didn't feel like a chore and more felt like I was letting that spark turn into a flame.

The workshop went really well, I was fairly nervous going into it, but after spending about thirty minutes setting up the base camp and figuring out exactly how I was going to do the workshop I felt good about it. A few parents, children and staff turned up on the day, and everyone was more than willing to listen and ask questions. I always try and aim to have a chilled out feeling surrounding my workshops. The kind of feeling where you turn up and feel like you can actually have a conversation with the person "leading" the workshop. I never want people to feel like I know everything because, quite frankly, I don't. Everyone has something to offer, even if it's the littlest fact. 

To end the plant ID workshop, we had a rest at base camp, drinking a tea made out of leaves foraged from the woodland, the best bit was the little star-shaped elderflowers dancing around in the water like confetti. 

By the end of the session, I felt so much confidence that wasn't there before. I have been asked to do another plant ID workshop in the future, and will 100% be making sure I do! (I'm thinking late September/ early October may be a nice time of year to do that.) 

P.S Thank you, Margaret, for the wonderful pictures! 

Until Next Time
Jade- Your introvert Adventurer.