Tuesday, 23 May 2017

4 Must See Waterfalls in Scotland!

Waterfalls are amazing, and beautiful. I can never get enough of them. Scotland is certainly one of the best places in the world to see them. 
I can't say I've been to all the Scottish waterfalls, but the ones I have been to, have been breathtaking. Here is a list of my favorites. 

1. Falls of Bruar- A9 House of Bruar

I stumbled upon the knowledge of the Falls of Bruar by noticing a signpost for it while driving on the A9. The next trip I took on the A9, I visited the falls. 
I parked in the car park for House of Bruar and went round the back of the building where I found a path. I followed the path towards the falls and could hear it before I could see it. Once I had seen it I was immediately in awe. I love the way the water has carved the stone, to make a secondary bridge. Carrying on the path, I come across another waterfall just behind this one. 
This is another quick walk, and can be seen on the way to another destination. 

2. Burn O Vat- Aberdeenshire 

Burn o' Vat is located in Muir of Dinnet nature reserve, just past Aboyne, Aberdeenshire. 
This is technically a waterfall, however only a small stream of water flows down. Although the most magnificent part of this waterfall is its surroundings. It was created by a glacier sheet over 15,000 years ago. As it began to melt the water that ran off from it created this massive "pothole." To enter the pothole you have to crouch through an archway made of rock. The picture above was taken standing on the waterfall, looking out to entrance. 

3. Linn Falls- Aberlour

Linn Falls is located in the beautiful town of Charlstown of Aberlour. Right in the heart of Moray. From the Aberlour Distillery, you cross the little bridge and follow a path along side the burn, which leads you straight to the falls. This walk is only about 15 minutes from the main road, and I have walked here many times, (and fallen in once too). I've always loved these falls, as it was one of the first places my fiance took me to in Moray.

4. The Falls of Clyde, New Lanark. 

Clyde Falls is only 28 miles from Glasgow, and takes less than an hour to reach. Located just a few minutes walk from the beautiful village of New Lanark. From the car parking area, there are blue signs with a badger that you can follow all the way to this stunning waterfall. 
The Clyde Falls has also inspired Turner's beautiful watercolour painting titled "The Falls of Clyde"

I hope this has inspired you to go and see some of the spectacular falls of Scotland, these are just a handful of the beautiful things my country has to offer, and I can't wait to find more on my travels.

Until next time
Jade- Your Introvert Adventurer. x