Sunday, 26 February 2017

Pushing your limits, and knowing when to stop!

Ben Rinnes is a Corbett, only a few miles away from Dufftown. I had been drawn to it ever since my first time visiting the area, nearly three years ago.  I knew from day one that I wanted to climb it. 
I decided that it was going to be the day for it, it seemed nice enough outside.  I was more excited than ever. It was a wee bit windy, but nothing we couldn't handle. I figured seeing as my training was going so well, I could at least give it a go. 
My fiance, his Dad, and I all got prepared to go up this mountain. Neither of them seemed too worried about the wind as they had done this Corbett so many times before. I on the other hand, knew that this was to be my biggest hill yet, and was a little bit nervous, but determined. 
We reached the bottom of the hill, and I looked up. It was steep, really steep. We headed up. Both the guys know this hill like the back of their hands and were keeping quite a fast pace. I didn't realize how hard it was to keep up until we got to a relatively flat bit. I stopped to catch my breath and the wind just kept blowing it away. I sat down to see if I could catch my breath this way, but again the wind wasn't letting me. 
I tried to stand up, and all of a sudden my sight went fuzzy- the way it does when I'm about to pass out- I checked my heart rate on my activity watch, 52 bpm... "That's a bit worrying" I thought. I showed my other half, he studied nursing last year so he'd know what that means, and agreed that it wasn't good. He told me to sit down and get my heart beat back up before we even think about continuing. I couldn't believe it, the one time I'm determined to get up a hill, my body decides otherwise. 

View from a quarter of the way up. 

Once my heart beat was back to normal, I stood up. I got asked "What do you want to do? Carry on, or go back?"
"Carry on, I can do this!" - I'm determined. I won't be stopped when I start something. At this point we were about a quarter of the way up. We hadn't been walking for very long. But I had a rush of adrenaline to keep me going, I needed to stand on the top of this hill! We kept walking and my body kept shouting internally at me, I lost my breath again pretty quickly and then started to feel very sick. Like I was going to throw up. We were about halfway at this point, and there was a nice big rock to sit on. I sat for a while, ate a sugary bar and had a lot of water. I got asked the question again, "Carry on, or go back?!" and I replied as truthfully as I could 

"I want to keep going, but I don't think its a good idea." and my fiance agreed. 
Just as we turned to head back down, the winds got really strong, and the sleet started coming down heavy, the summit of the Corbett disappeared in a cloud, and in front of us a rainbow appeared. 
"It must be a sign," I said, "I just wasn't meant to get to the top today." 
I felt really bad about myself at this point. My Fiance had been up the top of this Corbett as a child, and I can't even do it as an adult. I wanted to prove that I was strong enough, but I'm glad I didn't. 

Rainbow from Ben Rinnes 
So even though I talk about pushing the limits, and stepping out of the comfort zone, I realised on that day that it is also VERY important to listen to what your body is telling you, and not to push your limits past what your body can physically do. Although, I think if it hadn't been as windy, I might have coped better. I would have rather tried than not done it at all. And anyway, to make up for not getting up the corbett, I decided to walk 5 miles of the speyside way instead (If that isn't determination, then what is?!) 

Us on the Speysdie way- after some well deserved truffles. 

Until next time

Jade -Your Introvert Adventurer. x