Sunday, 30 June 2019

A Devilish Double Whammy: The Whangie & Devils Puplit.

NOTE: Before I start talking about the Devils Pulpit, if you are one of my readers, PLEASE follow my guidelines about it. The devil's pulpit is part of a wee gorge and can be very dangerous if you are not careful, mountain rescue often has to be called out as people do not realize the dangers.
 1. Please don't go if the weather has been wet within the few days prior to going. (This is because water levels will increase, and can make it potentially dangerous to visit.) 2. Take your time, be careful as you walk down the stairs, and if you decide to walk along to gorge a little bit, be careful of your footing, and last but not least 3. TAKE YOUR LITTER HOME! 

Phew, Public service announcement over. Let's get to the fun stuff. My walk. Whenever I am showing people really cool walks near Glasgow, my mind instantly wanders to the Whangie. Situated in the Campsie hills, just outside of Bearsden, the whangie is a geological beauty.
Now, what exactly is the Whangie?
A Whangie is Scots for a "slice," and the name for this beautiful rock formation is pretty descriptive seeing as the hill looks like it has literally been sliced. Legend has it that the Devil himself passed on the way to a meeting of witches and warlocks and flipped his tail into the rocks, splitting it from the hill, however, the real story is that the rocks were "sliced" due to glacial plucking. a geological phenomenon where a glacier literally comes along and plucks rocks away from its bedding.

The walk itself takes you from the Queen's view carpark, and up a little hill. Now I normally hate hills but this one is small enough that my lungs won't have a tantrum. The landscape you can see, even from as soon as the start point is spectacular. They literally take my breath away every time. Even on a foggy day the dramatic landscape is awe-inspiring but is nothing on the feeling you get you when you see the actual rock formation.
On seeing the rock formation for the first time, there is this sense of great power. As if you can sense the power it took to create such a formation. That paired with the silence that surrounds the rocks and the stillness of the air. I love looking at the jagged rocks and seeing if I could piece together where the rocks used to be. It's a truly incredible place and I think everyone should have the pleasure of experiencing it at least once in their life!

And once I'm finished at the Whangie, I like to really WOW the people I'm showing around! So where better than to go to the devil's pulpit?!
When I first ever went to the devils pulpit, it was somewhere that you really had to dig around the internet to find a proper location, then it was used as a filming location for Outlander and the flocks gathered, almost every day on my news feed I'd see something about the devils pulpit and how stunning it was, or something about how many people have been and ruined it by leaving dog poo bags, bottles, crisp packets, basically just litter. So here is my single sentence rant, IF YOU ARE GOING SOMEWHERE, TAKE AWAY YOUR LITTER!!! (I'll leave it at that because if not, I'll spend the entire post writing about litter!)

So the Devils Pulpit is the name of the rock formation in the middle of the gorge. It was said that the Devil used to host meetings there. The walk is short, and goes through a little woodland and follows some steps down into the gorge. These steps can be slippery so please be careful, and if at any point you do not feel safe, do not go any further. The steps themselves seem like your going down the rabbit hole from Alice in Wonderland, and it literally opens up in a mossy gorge.

The last time I went to the Devils Pulpit, I went barefoot the entire way, from the car and back. It felt amazing again, so relaxing and grounding. I wandered down the stairs and went straight for the water. The water level was low because it had been dry and hot for the last few days, this made it easier to paddle around. I watched as there were a lot of people who were in their nicest clothes and trying to stay clean, (which quite honestly, in this place, isn't going to happen!) I also took about a hundred photos, just because of the sheer beauty of the place. It was late evening and the summer sun was getting low, so there was a beautiful golden glow to the place, as well as the eerie red aura of the rocks. It's one of my favorite locations to visit, and paired with the Whangie, the whole experience is second to none.

So if you fancy a bit of adventure and some traditional Scottish myth, these are the places to go. And remember to be careful if you ever dare to go to the Devils Pulpit! Safety comes before a pretty picture. 

Until Next Time
Jade- Your Introvert Adventurer