Thursday, 2 May 2019


It's that time of year again, where every day you see a new post on how to get rid of ticks. All them saying that their way works best.
As an outdoor educator, with several outdoor qualifications, this is something I have been taught about in regards to best practice and keeping people safe, so here are the main points...


  • Cover tick in essential oils 
  • Burn the tick off. 
  • Put soap/ dish-washing soap on the tick.
  • Use the twisty tweezers, (these are meant for dogs.)
  • Remove tick carefully with tick tweezers, (which you can get from most pharmacies.) 
  • Be careful not to squeeze the tick in any way. 
  • Find some Sellotape, and squish the tick in between two bits, then keep it in a safe place. (It is easier to test a tick for Lyme disease than it is to test humans for Lyme disease.) 
  • Go to the GP if you have cold and flu symptoms within 6 weeks of a tick bite, making sure you give them the sellotaped tick to test. 

Theses are the few essential do's and don'ts that I have picked up from professional training over the years, but the biggest thing I can say is, don't believe the things you see on Facebook, and if in doubt head over to the Lyme disease action website here.

Anyway, stay safe in the outdoors and always check for ticks.

Until next time

Jade- Your Introvert Adventurer. x