Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Camping in the rain [An Experience To Learn From]

So a few months ago I put up a wee blog post about my first camping experience. Well I've now had my second.
Being Outdoor Ed students, when we got a week off uni, we decided to use that to get outdoors.
Camping was the outdoor choice for the week off, and what a fantastic time we had.

We met up and drove out to Stanley beach, and headed up stream (via canoe) to a wee island where we camped over night. The day was going well, the weather was overcast (which in Scotland is a fantastic day) and we had been for a swim in the Tay. So far. So good!
We got our tents up, we got a fire going, and settled down with a few drinks in hand. It was looking to be a good night!
Then, slowly the rain started. At first it was tolerable. We could cope without our hoods. Then it got heavier and heavier until we decided to put up a tarp. (Luckily one guy in our group had a bag of wonders!)

We all huddled under the tarp, By this point, it felt like it was about 11pm, (it was 7pm) and we were having a laugh, but I didn't realise that my back was out of the tarp, and the rest of my body was under it. I slowly started to get soaked- without even realising. And the longer the night went on, the colder I got. I thought that it was just because that is what happens at night... in October; It gets baltic, but no. I was soaked right through. My entire back, and bum, and legs where soaked. I only found out when I went to answer natures call, when I grabbed my trousers I and realised everything was soaking.
It was ok though, I had a onsie. A cosy darth vader onsie that is good for all situations. I had left it in my drybag. (Now that would be the perfect situation) This of course is NOT what happened. My onsie was in fact, lying on the ground, outside my tent. the only use my onsie could possibly of had was a mop. I went to sit back down, but made sure my whole body was under the tent this time.

As the night went on, I carried on shivering and bundling up with blankets. That was when I heard someone point out that one of the tents (that wasn't mine) was open. I asked them to check mine too, just in case. . You guessed it... it was open.
Luckily, before I went to bed, one of my pals lent me their spare onsie, and I managed to bring my temperature back in the sleeping bag, and had a pretty good night's sleep. 
 When I woke up in the morning it was a beautiful sunny day, and it was one of the hottest days in Otober. I went to go get my portable charger out of my dry bag, and had an another realisation. My drybag was a tiny bit open...all night, and somehow the end of my charger had been left out. Luckily it still worked so I could get some beautiful photographs.

I had the most fantastic time camping, and I have learned loads of lessons.
1. Take extra's of everything.
2. Keep things in drybags
3. Keep drybags closed/in tent

4. Keep the tent closed.

Anyway, if you are camping, don't be like me, and actually be prepared. (Well saying that, I was prepared, I am just useless with keeping everything in the right place!) Learn from my mistakes! 

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Until next time 
Jade- Your Introvert Adventurer.