Sunday, 26 November 2017

An Outdoorsy Persons Duty- The War on Plastic

I love the outdoors, and if you follow my blog, you'll probably know that! The outdoors is a tool for so many people. It can help people mentally (as it did with my anxiety) it can help people physically, it can be used for educational purposes and there are thousands of other reasons the outdoors is fantastic.
However, plastic is polluting the outdoors more than any other substance. Every walk I go on, there is at least one bit of plastic lying in the grass, or dog poo lying in plastic bags- (seriously guys, if your NOT going to put your plastic doggy bags in the bin, don't bother wrapping it up!!!) The population has a problem and it is plastic. We use an insane amount of one use, disposable items that realistically don't need to be used and with that kind of mentality, we are destroying our planet.
As someone who is using the outdoors for hobbies, work and my potentially my future: I feel it is partly my responsibility to help keep it clean. I have started trying to take steps towards a more sustainable life, but it feels like a battle that is difficult to win. When the majority of the population doesn't care, it's hard to keep up the morale. 

I have started my journey in reducing my plastic usage with straws. USA uses a staggering 500 million straws a DAY. No that isn't a typo. Many food and drinks companies hand out these millions of plastic straws every day, for only about 20 mins of use, and there is no need. There are many alternatives out there. I bought some stainless steel straws, and sure they may take some getting used to, but surely it's better than getting lodged in a turtles nose. Or ruining our worlds most stunning landscapes?

I have also decided to stop using disposable food packaging for my lunches, from now on its reusable tubs, and reusable bottles. No cling film, or tin foil, and the latest thing i'm trying to avoid is glitter. All of these disposable plastics don't biodegrade, and end up in our food and in our bodies. Water plant's can't filter out micro plastics such as glitter, and no body wants to be eating and drinking shard of aluminium and plastic. 

So I know this type of post isn't my usual but it is a huge part of the world's problem and if my blog can help inspire anyone to make the change, then I've done my bit. 

Until next time
Jade- Your Introvert Adventurer.