Monday, 4 September 2017

The Perfect Training Ground for Walkers.

Hey Guys, 

Sorry you haven't heard much from me lately, this year seems to be running away from me at light speed! 
Since my last update I've been training for my next long distance walk: The South Loch Ness Trail. I am so excited to get stuck into this fantastic looking trail. But until then, I am going to be hanging out at the Whitelee Wind Farm and will be squeezing in as much training as possible.

Whitelee windfarm is the UK's biggest on land windfarm. It has 215 wind turbines, and can produce enough energy for just under 300,000 homes. 
Whitelee has over 130km of walking trails, which alone is perfect for training. I need to be able to walk a fair distance each day, and my body needs to be prepared for it. It could literally take me days to walk around all the trails at the windfarm. 
Its not all flat ground either, some of it hills, which gets those muscles prepared for hills that I may stumble across on the South Loch Ness Trail. (Similar to the hills that I was totally unprepared for on the Three Lochs Way.) 
Whitelee is also great for views, and wildlife. One of the circuits takes you around a loch and is about 8 miles long, at one point you can see the whole of Glasgow and the peaks of the mountains in the distance. (Well, you can on a good day!) It is also home to animals from birds, to bugs, to beautiful wild plants. When I was there last the moor was covered in heather and coltsfoot. 

The windmills themselves are fantastic pieces of engineering. They loom over the landscape, and you can walk right up to them. I find that when I'm passing underneath the blades I get rather nervous, it sounds as though they are centimeters from your head, when they actually meters above you! And my beautifully anxious brain always imagines scene's straight out of Final Destination as I quicken my pace underneath them! 

Whitelee windfarm is a perfect place for all who love the outdoors. They have events on through the year,  mountain biking trails, and it is also a fantastic place to take your children for a day out. There is even a cafe in the visitor center, just to put the cherry on the icing! 

So if you're ever stuck for a day out, just have a wee wander around a windfarm. 

Until Next Time 
Jade- Your Introvert Adventurer. x

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