Saturday, 15 July 2017

Wild Camping on the Shore

Scotland is known for its beauty, and history. There are loads of things to see and do. But personally, my favorite thing about Scotland is that you are allowed to wild camp as long as you leave no trace of you ever being there. 

Basically, you can pitch up a tent anywhere you like (with the exception of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park) and not get into trouble for trespassing.
(See Here for more info)

Having lived in Scotland my entire life, you would have thought that every summer I would have been camping. But in reality, I've only ever been once. 

I met my fiance three years ago, and told him I had never been camping. He was astounded and promised to take me in the summer. Three years later, and we finally got round to it. After weeks of discussing where we should actually go, and a last minute change of plan due to the weather, we decided to go to Skatie Shore. 

A bit of history: Three years ago, on our second date, I took him to Skatie Shore, hens why we decided it'd be a perfect place to go camping for the first time, on the week of our anniversary. 

We parked up, and walked through the beautiful Forrest that runs along the slip road into Stonehaven. The Forrest was eerily quiet, and I was silently worried that I'd have a hard time in a tent, hearing every noise around me. We went up a hill, under a railway bridge and down onto the beautiful secluded shore. 

16 year old me! 
When I was younger my dad would take me to this shore, with my step mum, and brother. We would spend afternoons there fishing in the rock pools and making sandcastles. Totally secluded and not another soul in sight. It is still one of my favorite places to go.

We headed along the beach, where the sand met the grass, and found a nice coushy bit of grass to set up our gelert tent. My fiance started the fire, and we both took turns looking for driftwood. 
We noticed somebody on top of the cliff's, (on the golf course) who started to shout something, but we couldn't make it out. The random shouts didn't last long.
My fiance had taken some marshmallows to roast. Neither of us like normal marshmallows but I was assured they tasted different roasted. I still didn't like them. We then roasted some mini sausage rolls and cocktail sausages, and even tested out roasting Haribo Stawbs. (don't try it, its not nice.)

As the sun set, we put on our star wars onsies and lay down in the tent. neither of us saying anything, but just relaxing, listening to the waves crash on the rocks. It didn't take long to fall asleep.

This is where it got difficult for me. 
I woke up after about an hour. The darkness seemed to amplify the sound of the waves. There was grass being blown against the tent, which made a footstep noise every time a breeze went by. My senses seemed to hear every little noise. Being an anxious person, I found it hard to ignore everything. But that was my fiance's job. He wrapped his arms around me, held me close, and assured me we were safe. 

The next thing I knew, it was light outside. I could hear the cawing of crows. The sound of the waves seemed to be less intents (I had to slip one in). Even the grass hitting off the tent sounded less footstep-y. I opened our tent, looked outside, and saw the most beautiful sunrise I had ever seen. 
I was amazed. Event though I didn't enjoy the noises around me all night, I enjoyed every second of the camping, it all seemed worth it to enjoy a romantic sunrise with my fiance. 
My fiance on the other hand, was having the worst reaction to the pollen I've ever seen. We had to quickly pack up and head to the nearest shop to get antihistamines. 

Despite all the ups and downs, it was one of the most romantic, and beautiful nights of my life. I wouldn't change a thing about it if I had to do it again. 
I would encourage everyone to try wild camping, at least once. (maybe not next to loud crashing waves, but somewhere quieter.)

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