Friday, 30 June 2017

We're Halfway There [A Mid-Year Summary]

2017 has been a life changing year for me. I decided that this was my year to start doing the things I love, and stop making excuses. 
From joining a few Facebook groups and meeting total strangers to really chasing my dream's. 

I started the walk 1000 mile challenge in January, and I'm currently just over halfway to my goal. (560 miles to be exact) The walk 1000 miles challenge is a fantastic way to get you up and out, it gives you an excuse to see the world that is on your doorstep. 
I also decided that this would be a great stepping stone for achieving one of my main dreams: to walk lands end to john o groats. I have been working on my fitness, stamina and determination to help me towards that final goal. 

I have walked my first long distance walk, and enjoyed (albeit with a lot of pain) every second of it. And I've got the tattoo to prove it! I've also made plans to do at least two more long distance walks in the near future. 

I also decided to change the path of my future this year, and applied to uni- completely on a whim- and GOT IN! I didn't expect I'd ever be studying at uni and this is a huge life goal for me. My opportunities at uni will set me up for some amazing outdoor adventures and I can't wait to begin. 
And among all of this, I've met some amazing people who have really became a big chunk of my life! (You know who you are)

So far 2017 has been all about living life to the max, and really finding out who I am. I have never felt so positive about the present and the future, and I really can't wait to see where this year takes me. Here's to the rest of 2017, and all the adventures to come. 

Until next time 
Your Introvert Adventurer.