Monday, 15 May 2017

3 Little Truths Of Long Distance Walking.

So as you all know I have recently completed my first long distance walk, and although it was an absolutely fantastic experience that I now have the bug for, there are three little truths I came across, that everyone touches on, but no one really tells you HOW bad it is. 

1. Don't Forget Blister Plasters!!!!

This was the single most important thing I learned. Blisters were the worst part of this walk. My feet weren't the worst off in the group, but that one big, sore, blister really made it hard to want to keep walking. I had to borrow blister plasters from one of the others in the group, who had came prepared. If I had applied a blister plaster when I had felt it forming, my foot might have been better off. When I got home I had to keep a bandage on my foot for a few days and it still is in the process of healing nearly three weeks later. 

2. The weight of your bag.

My bag had the few essentials in it: ONE change of clothes, and one pair of PJ's. First Aid Kit. Food. Water, A jacket (Plus the one I was wearing) Waterproof trousers, midge spray, deep heat cream, my charger, and a notebook. Not much, right?
It felt like I had rocks in my bag, or that someone was just pulling my bag down pretty much the entire time. It really reminded me of the school days where you'd lug around an ill fitting bag full of textbooks. The only difference being that there weren't so many opportunities to take it off. 
I have to admit this got better the further we went, and by the end of it, it felt strange not to be wearing my bag. But I can't imagine how sore it'd be carrying camping equipment too. 

3. The Mental Determination That Is Needed. 

My Grandma had always told me that walking to lands end to john o groats was mostly achievable because she believed it. All it took was the mental determination to keep putting one foot in front of the other. To keep reminding yourself that you've started so you may as well finish. Well this is something that I really admire about long distance walkers. The mental determination to keep on going to the end was the fuel I was running on. Both days I had to remind myself that I would be finished by tea time, that there wasn't much further to go. At one point I couldn't think of anything worse than to keep on going, but I had to push past it. (The same way Simon Pegg pushes past the wall in "Run Fatboy Run") When I got to the end I realized just how much I was running on pure determination as I nearly fainted when I stopped. 
Although these things make long distance walking seem like a nightmare, its worth it. To be able to see the stunning views and experience the wildlife. To be able to feel like there is no one else in the world, and to get away from the busy life of the city for a few days and just live life, is a truly amazing experience. It would take a lot more of negative aspects to put me off doing it again. 

Until Next Time-
Jade- Your Introvert Adventurer, x