Sunday, 12 March 2017

Urban Walk #1- Glasgow Mural Trail.

The Glasgow Mural Trail has been a walk that has had my fancy for a few months now. I first saw while looking for a walk on Walkhighlands. It immediately had my interest, but there was one thing putting me off: Its an urban walk.
I had never done an urban walk before: city centers can be so busy. That's why I'd rather be in the middle of nowhere. But I have to admit, this walk really was a brilliant introduction into urban walking.

High Street
Mitchell Street

We started by parking at the Candleriggs car park. We had drove past a few murals on the way there, so before we started we knew how to find those ones. We headed from the Candleriggs car park to the ones we had drove past, and stumbled onto a few other ones while on our way.

Wilson Street 
Ingram Street 

After seeing the Murals at Candleriggs, Ingram Street, High Street and George Street, we didn't know where else to look. So we headed to the nearest tourist information at George Square. When we asked about a map for the trail, they told us that currently there was no info booklet about the murals as they are being updated, but gave us a printed out map for the time being. I look forward to being able to go back and seeing the newer ones. 

George Street
George Street

The map took us down to merchant city, and down by the riverside. These works of art where so beautiful, and are so easy to accidentally find. One of favorites where here: The five faces.

Clyde Street 

Ropework Lane 

We missed out a couple, by the end of our walk we were getting a bit tired, (and hungry) so we are going to be doing this walk again when the new maps are out. 

Gordon Lane 
Mitchell Street

This walk was fantastic, it was totally better than expected. The murals were beautiful and so much work has went into them, and they are great for brightening up Glasgow's city center. 

Argyle Street 
Argyle Street

So if you're ever in Glasgow, don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for some of the fantastic Murals. They're easy to miss if your not looking. 

Mitchell Lane 

Until next time
Jade - Your Introvert Adventurer