Sunday, 5 March 2017

And I Would Walk 200 Miles

So as you guys know, I've been taking part in the #Walk1000MilesChallenge and its been fantastic so far.
I wrote a little post about how the walking was benefiting me when I hit 100 miles, so I thought I'd do another wee update.
If you read my last 1000 miles challenge update, you'll know that this challenge is making me feeling better mentally and physically, and guess what? It still is!!!
It has also taken me to some fabby places.
In the last month I've been:

  • Around the knock hill circular in Largs. The boggiest walk I've done in a long time
    Knock Hill Circular 

  • Up Tinto Hill- My first summit in about 2 years! 
    Tinto Hill 

  • Along the old railway path between Paisley and Lochwinnoch, (with my grandma)

National Cycle Route 7

  • Buchanan Caste and the Whangie- both mystical places surrounded by stories !            

The whangie

  • Halway up Ben Rinnes (and learned a valuable lesson on pushing the limits) then the Spey Side way.
    Ben Rinnes 
  • and The Glasgow Mural Trail.

Glasgow Mural Trail

Each of these places offer some fantastic interesting features, and each of these are/ will feature on the blog at some point. 
And don't forget that I've decided to put my love for walking to a good cause, and I've signed up for the Aberdeen Mountain Rescue's sponsored walk, you can sponsor me here. 

Keep an eye out for some more of my adventures,
Until next time

Jade- Your adventurer introvert x