Monday, 13 February 2017

My Top 5 Romantic Dates.

It being valentines day, I have been thinking back to some truly amazing dates my Fiance and I have had, so I thought i'd share them with you guys. 
Here is my top 5 list of romantic dates: 

1. Last year- Valentines day- A snowy walk around Elgin. 

We watched the snow come down all evening of the 13th February, but it didn't start laying properly until just before midnight. I looked out the window again at about 1 am, and realized how beautiful it was. I jumped out of bed, got a heap of cosy clothes on, and we went out for a late night wander in the snow. It was the best Valentines day I've had so far. 

2. Linn Falls- Aberlour 

I've spoke about Linn Falls before. It was the second place my Fiance ever took me in Moray. It looked like it was going to be a fantastic day. As we started walking down the path it started to POUR down of rain. (Obviously making everything much more romantic) I was taken aback by how beautiful the falls where. Rain or no rain, the views where fantastic. 

3. Skatie Shore- Stonehaven 

This was our second date. I decided to show my Fiance the best beach in the world. Its a bit of a treck through the woods, under the railway bridge and down a hill to get the beach, (I'm surprised he didn't think I was trying to kill him)  but once you're there, you're the only ones. We walked hand in hand along the beach, talking about everything under sun. We took our first selfie there! 

4. Diving- Tenerife

My Fiance was a diver when I met him, so when we went on our first holiday, he had to take me diving. I was so scared that I had to be persuaded to do it, and was shaking the whole time. It was so worth it. I've never experienced anything quite so amazing before, and even though every second I had spent under water was terrifying, when I got out of the water, I just wanted to go back in. 

5. Balvenie Castle/ Craigellachie Bridge. 

Another day in the rain, my Fiance decided to take me to see the local sights. We headed up to the nearest castle, which was beautiful, even in the rain. Some of it was blocked off as they were doing restorations. We then headed down to the Craigellachie bridge, which I had wanted to see since I had heard of it. I loved it so much we have decided that it's the location of our wedding next year! 

It doesn't really matter where we go, its the spending time together that matters. 
Happy Valentines Day everyone! 

Jade- Your Introvert Adventurer. xx