Wednesday, 11 January 2017

No need to go to the Gym, walk 1000 miles instead.

2017- New year, new me, or not so much. This year, I have decided to work on something I already love doing- walking.
This year I have decided to take part in the walk 1000 miles challenge. A challenge where- you guessed it- you walk 1000 miles in the year.

The reason why I chose walking as my form of exercise is simply because I enjoy it. Its relaxing, easy, and can be done at any time! Not only that but in makes me feel healthier and happy. In an average day at work I walk about 2-3 miles, a day at home, I do about 1 mile. (Just by getting up to make food, or go to the toilet) In my first week, where I didn't do very much, I achieved 21 miles! 
So far I've started to get very competitive with the challenge, searching for walks to do near my house, and not doing any less than 5 miles long, and I'm going to be doing some pretty tough long walks come summer, and i'm hoping to smash the 1000 miles by October! 

My fiance once said to me "I don't want to walk as a form of exercise, it does nothing for me!" So being a woman, I had to google it and prove to him that in actual fact it does the world of good, and I found that it helps in a whole lot of matters. 
One that was particularly interesting for me was that it lowers your anxiety levels, and as a very anxious person, this works! Walking also reduces risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, breast and prostate cancer, heart disease and dementia. It can also help manage your weight, and with being outside more you are getting more vitamin D. 
So there you have it, scrap the high intensity workouts that you don't enjoy, and doesn't ever seem to stick, and get walking! 

For me, walking is my way to explore the world around me and pay close attention to everything I see, and it really does take me to some amazing places! 

Jade- your introvert Adventurer. xx