Tuesday, 31 January 2017

And I Would Walk 100 Miles....

As many of you will have read, I've been participating in the Walk 1000 Mile challenge by country walking. I'm just over 4 weeks in, and the results are great, to start with I'm over my 100 mile goal!
So I thought i'd do a little update on how its going....
This challenge, teamed up with my inspiration to one day walk Lands End to John o Groats, has done wonders for my determination, confidence and motivation. Here's a few things I feel better about since starting:
  • My Anxiety has pretty much disappeared- Going from at least one panic attack a day, to pretty much once a week is a great improvement. I am also talking to more people on my solo walks, and meeting up with new people to go for walks. I have even created my own walking event on the rambling roses, even though I won't know some of the people. (Scary, I know)
  • I've seen so many interesting things- I have seen a waterfall and a beautiful cityscape at Gleniffer Braes, beautiful Scottish lochs and Munro's from the Glen Loin Loop, and even enjoyed the views at the Whitelee wind farm and I've noticed a lot of wildlife and little things like interesting patterns in the moss or trees.
  • I feel healthier- I've been sleeping really well since starting this challenge, and feeling very good about myself in every way. My legs feel strong and I feel like I can walk further without having to stop.
  • All in all, I feel happier. Every day I feel like a smile more, knowing that I am getting healthier and happier. I feel like i'm finally finding my feet in a new big and scary city! 

Anyway- I hope this post gives people a bit of inspiration to get out and start walking, solo or with a group. Get out there and explore!!!

Jade- Your Introvert Adventurer.