Thursday, 29 December 2016

An Introverts Introduction

"Introvert: NOUN
A shy, reticent person" - English Living Dictionaries
Yes, that's me. A shy, reticent person. Always worrying that i'm saying the wrong thing, or doing the wrong thing, or not talking to people about my worries, because I'm worried about worrying them.... However when you get me to open up. I won't shut up.
Anyway- enough about me and my constant worrying. Here's some more useful information about me. I'm a Scorpio, but don't believe in that stuff. I love Origami, if there's paper near me, expect to find a model within the next two minutes. I love reading, and have hundreds of books, (and hundreds more that I haven't read) and most of all, I love going out into the wilderness for adventures.

I try to get out and about as much as possible, as my Grandparents always told me "you don't know what's round the corner, so go out and live!" So if I can't see the world for financial reasons, I be as well start closer to home.
I've always loved going for a walk, which came from my Grandparent's too. Most of all my Grandma. I remember when I was little going on a long dreich (dreary/bleak in Scots) walk, on a path the other side of the road from their farm. They had got me a new farm yard jacket, so I needed to test it out.
We walked down this path, and I saw a puddle, for a little girl, that puddle looked like rainbows and sunshine and the most fun in the world! So in I go, only to get my welly boot stuck, and fall, soaking my trousers and well and truly "testing the water" with my new jacket.
My grandma has been the inspiration for my walking. When I was 10, she walked Lands end to John O Groats, and wrote a book about it! (What a woman!) Every time we drive down the M6 and she says "I've walked that bridge," it reminds me that if my Grandma can walk Lands End to John O Groats, then I have no excuses.

Fast forward to now- Always finding the coolest places to explore, geocaching, and never coming back without mud.

I work in an Outdoor Nursery, am Woodland activity leader trained, and am studying my BA (Hons) in Outdoor Education and Learning. (Some would think I love the outdoors) I'm definitely not your average 20- something year old that loves going down to the clubs until 3 am! 
So here it goes, i'm going to try and write down all the wild and adventurous things an introvert gets up to. I hope you enjoy the ride, and find inspiration to get out and explore, after all you "never know what's round the corner."

Jade- Your adventurous introvert. xxxx